Court Division

The Columbus Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic and misdemeanor criminal offense as defined by State Statute and City Ordinances that occur within the city of Columbus.


The City of Columbus Municipal Court begins at 8 am every Thursday (excluding some holiday weeks or emergencies). You must be present at that time to avoid delay in your case or a warrant being issued for your arrest. All trials are scheduled for 1 pm. If you are subpoenaed for a case, you are expected to be present in the courtroom at 1 pm.

Court Pay

In order to make your court payments, you may be directed to our secure payment site or you may pay by phone by dialing 662-370-2399.

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The first appearance in Municipal Court is called an arraignment. At this time you will be called upon to enter a plea (or answer) to the charge levied against you.


You may plead guilty indicating that you admit you committed the offense and wish to waive your right to a trial; no contest indicating that you do not admit the charge but do not wish to contest the charge; or not guilty indicating to the court that you wish to contest the charge and are exercising your right to a trial. Should you plead guilty or no contest the case will proceed immediately to the sentencing phase. You are still permitted to appeal your case to Circuit Court should you so desire. Should you plead not guilty you will receive a trial date at some point in the near future.

Court Dates

Court dates are always on Thursdays. Your ticket or bond will indicate the actual date and the time of day you are to appear.


In municipal courts in this state, trials are by a judge only. You may be represented by an attorney authorized to practice in this state or you may represent yourself. If you choose to represent yourself, you must conform to all rules of court including rules of evidence. No court may lessen this requirement simply because you are not legally trained. In a trial, you are also entitled to certain rights, including:

  • Right to call witnesses on your own behalf. Should you need to subpoena witnesses the clerk will do so if you provide a list of the witnesses and their addresses at least 10 days prior to the trial
  • Right to a copy of the affidavit
  • Right to cross examine witnesses against you
  • Right to decline to testify without any inference drawn against you
  • Right to hear all testimony against you
  • Right to testify on your own behalf

Should you fail to appear for trial these rights are waived and the case may be tried without you (trial in absence).