Community Events Using City Property Permit

Community Events Using City Property

Per City Ordinance 28 – Streets and Sidewalks, Article V. Assemblies, Parades and Processions; Sec. 28-72. Permit Required: It shall be

unlawful for any person to organize or hold or participate in any parade, meeting, assembly or procession of persons and/or vehicles on the

streets or sidewalks within the city limits unless such activity shall have first been authorized by a written permit.

The process for using City Property is as follows:

Obtain a permit from the Columbus Police Department, located at 1501 Main Street , or print one from here.

Type or legibly print all information and return permit to CPD as soon as possible to allow ample time for review and approval.

The permits have to be reviewed by Chief of Police, Mayor, and City Council.

All permits must be received in time for approval at City Council meetings which are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays in each month. Note: Submitting a permit on Monday prior to a Council Meeting is too late.

Again, please submit permit in time for adequate review and approval.

For more information, please contact the Columbus Police Department at 662.244.3552

Download Community Events Using City Property Permit