Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship Requests Process:

Please know all sponsorship requests for the City of Columbus must go before the Mayor and Council so please keep this in mind as the Council only meets twice a month. The process is below. 

  • Complete Citizen Input Application (can be picked up at City Hall or found online here)
  • Return Citizen Input Application by deadline along with sponsorship information to Angela Jones (can drop the information off at City Hall or email to Angela at angela.jones@columbusms.org. Please be mindful of City Council Meeting dates.
  • You will be expected to appear at the City Council Meeting in person to make a formal request to Mayor and Council (Citizen Input). City Council Meetings are held each 1st and 3rd Tuesday in each month at 5 p.m. at the Columbus Municipal Complex located at 1501 Main Street (Police Department).  Note:  Zoom link can be requested if needed.

Print Friendly Copy of Sponsorship Process