What does Columbus do to encourage housing construction?

There are tax abatement programs for housing improvements, and a similar program available for new developments. The City of Columbus has adopted several development code amendments that will also benefit residential builders.

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1. What do I need a permit for?
2. What do I need to bring in to get a permit for a new house?
3. What does a bond do?
4. What are the setbacks on my property?
5. What can my property be used for?
6. Is my property in a floodplain?
7. How do I obtain flood insurance?
8. If my property does not fit the standards that I want to use it for, what can I do?
9. Do I need a permit to put in a swimming pool?
10. Why do I have to have a city contractor's license since I have a state license?
11. Does the City of Columbus recognize licenses from other states?
12. What does the City do about dilapidated property?
13. When does the Planning Commission meet, and what is the deadline to submit applications for their agenda?
14. What does Columbus do to encourage housing construction?