Stephen Jones

City Council
Title: Councilman, Ward 5
Phone: 662-386-5022
Stephen Jones Councilmember Page
Stephen Jones


Duties / Responsibilities

  • Adopt ordinances, resolutions, policies, and regulations for the health, safety, and welfare of the current and future residents of Columbus
  • Work with citizens/citizen advisory committees established by the City Council to formulate recommendations to the City Council on policies and projects
  • Participate in community strategic and long-range planning
  • Participate in adopting master plans for water, wastewater, storm drainage, parks and recreation, and municipal facilities to guide the city's future development of critical infrastructure
  • Promote good relations with federal, state, county, and other municipal government agencies
  • Serve on regional and state-wide boards, committees, commissions, and task forces to advance and protect the interests of the residents
  • Perform other duties established by ordinance, resolution, contract, or regulation

Vision for the City of Columbus

My vision as a member of the city council is to support the quality of life in Columbus by respecting and protecting our diverse and dynamic community, investing in the city's future, and standing for values of integrity, accountability, and collaboration. Columbus is a city focused on providing its residents and businesses an efficient, effective, and responsive level of services. By listening to and valuing the needs of all citizens, we can work together to raise the level of excellence so Columbus can meet the challenges of tomorrow.


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